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About us


House of Comfort is a 501C3 Nonprofit Community Outreach Ministry in Detroit, organized to speak life into the hearts of its people.  House of Comfort has joined forces with various local area churches, ministries, and certain businesses, partnering to form a network intent on promoting hope in our community.


Apostles Paul & Sheryl Lloyd, married for over 39 years, founded the House of Comfort Ministry in 2005 while conducting bible studies at a senior citizen community facility. House of Comfort has since blossomed into an outreach actively conducting and participating in marital workshops and seminars, organizing family value-focused initiatives and directing youth impact events, reaching out to the community at large.


House of Comfort is comprised of dynamic and witty teaching teams that teach from the Word of God. Their passion and deepest yearning are that individuals come to know the truth and experience the empowerment that comes through having a relationship with Jesus Christ. House of Comfort's mission is to raise the moral standard of our communities by strengthening marriages and reestablishing family values. 


With shepherds’ hearts and a firm commitment to the cause of Christ, Apostles Paul & Sheryl’s inspired vision is to encourage, edify, and build people up both inside and out as they are empowered by Holy Spirit.


House of Comfort and staff extend their love and time as servants of God, reaching out into the community with compassion to the lost, the fallen, the broken, and the fearful… people like you and me.

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