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Men of the House

"As go the men, so go the family and so goes the community." 


God has called men to be the leader in their families, and we equip men to reach that goal and to strengthen other men in their community. 


Men share some tough issues such as, fatherlessness,  grief over the loss of a loved one, dealing with major illness such as cancer, HIV,  and substance abuse. There are other issues such as sexual addiction and anger that affect men. We have support groups in  these areas specifically for men, safe places where they can feel free to share their hearts and souls with other men in similar places.


Women of Wisdom & Worship

Today like never before, women are hurting. They are overwhelmed with responsibilities and snowed under with lies. Many come from unhealthy and dysfunctional backgrounds that have left them ill-equipped to handle life’s pressures. Due to heavy responsibilities and dissolving families, many women feel isolated and lonely.


We realize when a woman walks into the ministry, she is looking for someone to care, encourage, and listen to her—she desperately needs the Body of Christ. She wants to know that she is not alone, and she needs the hope that only a personal relationship with Jesus can provide.



Thursday Prayer & Bible Study

The purpose of Bible study is not to simply learn information or to be a part of a Bible study club, but allow the Lord to transform our lives. Specifically, our desire is that students, through Scripture and prayer, are drawn more intimately to our Lord where they can most fully receive the gift of God’s grace in their lives.


We believe if people are going to be deeply transformed, they will need a support system, not only to help this transformation, but also to make sure they continue this transformation in the future. Our goal is to take a group of people with various backgrounds and personalities and help them through the word of God, form an authentic relationship with the Lord and with one another.

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